1. Your NYC Office Space Lease is Expiring and You Are Not Renewing

Your landlord just offered you a renewal lease that doubles the rent for your Manhattan office space. So now you’re planning to re-locate to a more affordable office building. This is a good opportunity to review and redefine your objectives for space, budget, growth and location.

Updated daily, our listing database is an excellent resource for commercial property tailored for tech companies or law firms, showrooms, art galleries, or health care providers. We display every available office for rent in Chelsea, Grand Central Station, The Financial District, Midtown South, Midtown Manhattan including over twenty neighborhoods.

2. Re-Development of Your Office Building into a Hotel or Residential Condo

Suddenly you receive a certified letter informing you that your landlord has decided to exercise the cancellation clause in your commercial office space lease requiring you to vacate your office within 120 days. You immediately need to lease a replacement space that will be built out, furnished and wired for phone and Internet within 120 days.

Metro-Manhattan Office Space has a track record of negotiating real estate transactions with major Manhattan landlords and managing agents. We will introduce you to the buildings and spaces where your timeframe for possession can be met.

3. Your Company Needs a Larger Office for Rent

In the previous year, your team has grown from 6 to 25 and your 2,000 square-foot space is too small to hire the personnel you need to expand. But you have four years remaining on your New York office space lease.

It’s possible you can trade up to a larger space within the building, but if one isn’t available, why not sub-lease your office and explore a more suitable Manhattan office for rent?

4. Your Start-Up Plans on Renting Its First New York City Office Space

Your start-up is gaining ground and you need your own New York City office space. Input from Metro-Manhattan can/will help you find a “start-up friendly” landlord that will welcome your new venture with expandable space, a shorter-term lease and a reasonable security deposit.

5. Your Out-of-Town Business Seeks a New York Office

Maybe you are a consulting engineering firm with offices in Nassau County servicing clients in New York City; or perhaps you’re a London-based consulting firm expanding into the lucrative New York City Market. Out of state businesses can face special challenges when acquiring their first Manhattan office space.

If you are not familiar with the New York City commercial real estate market, buildings, neighborhoods or landlord and lease requirements, we can facilitate your search. Our agents help you set expectations concerning rental rates, escalations, utility costs, additional costs for New York office space for rent.

Finding your New York Office Space for Rent: Self Service or Assisted Search?

Our database of New York City office space for lease displays thousands of updated listings. Use it to search for commercial property for rent in every Manhattan neighborhood and building.

But finding fabulous looking listings is only the first step of a long process. Then you need to schedule onsite inspections and get answers to key questions about each property:

  • When is the space available?
  • Is the rent negotiable?
  • Will the landlord build out for you?
  • How long should your lease be?

Once you decide to submit an offer for a New York office space for rent, you need to negotiate business terms with the landlord. This process includes drafting offers and counterproposals and reaching agreement on final lease language.

Since 2004 Metro Manhattan Office Space has negotiated hundreds of office space leases. We have relationships with leading landlords, REITS, managing agents, leasing agents and property managers. We also have years of experience handling the legal, architectural, telecommunications and moving issues that may arise when renting office space in New York City.

To receive practical input from our office-leasing department and to discuss your real estate options, call (212) 447-5403.