Input the number of offices, boardrooms, conference rooms, etcetera under the “Number of Rooms” field to determine the approximate Square Footage of your new office space.  Note these measurements are in Rentable Square Feet (RSF). It is best to you hire a space planner or architect to determine your precise Manhattan office space requirements.

Description Dimension Number of Rooms Square Footage
 Board Room  15×25     
 Conference  Room  13×25     
 Small Meeting  Room  13×15     
 CFO’s Office  15×20     
 Partner’s Office  15×15     
 Standard Office  10×15     
 Small Office  10×12     
 Supervisor  Workstation  10×10     
 Standard Cubicle  6×8     
 Small Cubicle  6×6     
 File Room  15×25     
 Copy Room  10×15     
 Large Reception  20×25     
 Small Reception  15×20     
 Pantry/Break  Area  15×20     
 *Circulation Area (25%)  
 **Add on factor (35%)  
Total Rentable Square Feet (RSF)  

*Allocated for common areas such as corridors within tenants space.
**35% add on factor equals a 26% loss factor. Add on factor includes bathrooms, elevators, hallways and common areas for the entire floor.


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